5 Steps to Connect Your Faith and Work

Did you know that God created you with your work in mind? He already knew the work you would be doing right now. Whether you love what you’re doing or are in a tough place, God wants to be with you in your work. But how can you make the connection between God and your work?

Here are 5 steps that will help you make that connection.

1. Think biblically about your work

God is a worker and He created you in His image. When you work, you are putting God’s nature on display.

You don’t have to be a pastor or a missionary to do God’s work. God anoints people for many different kinds of work – He did in the Bible and He does today. Whether you take care of children, cut grass or run your own company, you must recognize that your work matters to God and is filled with purpose.

The way we think feeds our attitude, how we act and how we react. How do you think about your work? Do you see that your work matters to God?

2. Invite God into your work

After you recognize that God cares about your work, you must open the door for Him to lead. God desires to be your partner. He has big plans for your work and everything He wants to do through you, but you must let Him drive.

You can start by simply asking God where He wants to get engaged. He is the source of all wisdom and knows exactly what you need in your work.

Is God welcome in your work? How can you partner with Him this week?

3. Make room for God to speak

If we want to work the way God created us to, we must prioritize intimacy with Him. We can’t hear from God if our minds and bodies are always preoccupied. We need to carve out time to be alone with God.

It could be a walk, quiet time, Bible reading, devotionals, worship, journaling or any other practice that can help you to quiet your mind. We just need to carve out the time.

God is already speaking to us, we simply need to get tuned-in to the right station. How will you make sure you are tuned into what God is already speaking?

4. Recognize how God has already used your work

God doesn’t waste anything. He uses everything in our lives to shape us to become more like Christ. God wants to use your work to transform you, the people around you, and even the atmosphere around you.

If we don’t recognize that God wants to use something, we can easily get distracted by its difficulty or begin to feel sorry for ourselves. Instead, we should always seek to allow God to use what we are going through.

Think about how God has already challenged you to grow through your work. Is there anything going on now that He may have plans to use?

5. Work by faith

As followers of Christ, we must walk and work by faith. That means to walk in trust. To trust in what God has said in His Word and what He will do with our work. If you consistently work by faith, you won’t be easily distracted by the many things around you.

What do you need to trust God with today? A situation? A relationship? A tough project? Submit it to Him and watch what He will do. Ask yourself if you really trust Him with it.

Take the next step

You might be surprised to know that God has significant plans for everything that comes to you in your work.

Did God bring anything to mind while reading this post? What steps will you take today to connect your faith to your daily work?

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