Are the Events In Your Work Arbitrary?

What if all the circumstances in your work over the past few years were sovereignly ordered by God for your education? Would that change how you viewed some of the events? When you start to see God around you in your work, you will quickly begin to see how God can use everything.

If you are a follower of Christ, God’s Word promises that He will use everything for your good.

It may be difficult to believe at first, but God will not waste anything. Not even the mistakes we make, the difficulties we encounter, or the victories we enjoy.

Remember that God is always in charge

I recall a time when I felt betrayed by a coworker. At first, I kept busy stewing over how unfair and wrong their actions were, but eventually God was able to use it to teach me about relying on Him. He gave me the steps I needed to take to resolve the situation and to restore the relationship. This initial problem even led to other benefits within the team that I would have never expected.

How much are we missing out on because we have our eyes on the wrong prize? We think our work is about us and not about the God we serve.

How often do we complain and fail to recognize God’s hand and ability to use what comes to us? We waste time grumbling over details like how we have been wronged, all while God is waiting for us to look to Him so He can use circumstances for what He desires.

There is a better way

We don’t have to waste time grumbling. We can rise up and trust God with everything that comes to us in our work. Whether its good or bad, easy or difficult, clear or confused.

When we make up our mind to trust that God will not waste anything, we must remember that we have a spiritual adversary that wants to distract us from the truth.

This enemy wants you to focus on yourself and to forget the fact that God will use everything for your good. But we can walk and work by faith and trust in the promise of Romans 8:28 – that God will use all things for our good.

That means that no matter what you have been through and no matter what you are going through, God has plans to use it for your greatest benefit. He does so according to His complete knowledge of you.

It all comes down to one question – will you trust Him?

Do you trust God with your work? Do you trust Him to use you where you are today? Do you trust Him to develop you for where you’re going?

If we don’t see our circumstances through a lens of trust in God, we can disrupt what He wants to accomplish in us. We can even delay what God wants to prepare us for.

It’s time to lean in and embrace our circumstances.

What about your own work?

What can you see that God has already used for your development? Is there anything going on right now that you need to trust Him with more?

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