Stop Over-Thinking and Take Action

Episode #115

This episode will challenge you to take action with what you already know. God often reveals just enough for us to take a next step and He will unfold more of what is to come as we move forward. Listen to this episode and be encouraged to get into action and watch what God will do next.

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(00:00): Introduction

Well on this episode, I’m going to talk to you about something. God has really spoken to me here lately, and that is taking action with what you already know. So you already got the punchline, but we’re going to get into some details that can help unlock some stuff for you. So let’s get into it right now. Hey, this

(00:17): Podcast Preview

I’m Ryan S. Howard. Thanks for tuning into my podcast. I call it your faith at work, because we want to get your faith out of the church and into the world. We want our faith to be active, and I’m here to help you get unstuck and fulfill all the God-given potential that you were created with. I’m going to help you find your God-given assignment so that you can advance the kingdom every single day. We’re going to do that and work in the culture and in life, visit Ryan S to learn more.


I don’t know if you’re like me. You tend to do a lot of research. You want to analyze, you want to do all kinds of stuff, make sure you make that right decision. And yes, I’m a recovering perfectionist and well that sounds great. But actually perfectionism can lead


You to be just be inactive and not do anything because it’s not going to be perfect. You know, and I also have this kind of achievement need where it’s like, I want to, everything done right now and I want it done. Right. And the thing is, that’s wonderful, except when it leads you to not begin, not start because you’re not sure if it’s going to be perfect and you’re not sure if you know, not everything’s going to get done right now. And you can’t just, you can’t decide where to start. And those that’s just absurd. Those are her crazy reasons to not be moving forward. And so I found myself here lately, just thinking about, okay, what, what content do I want to put out? What do I want to talk about? What do I want to do? And I’m, I’m really thinking a lot about this. I’m researching, you know, what’s the best way to develop a strategy.


What’s the, all these kinds of things. And I’m in this I’ve got a couple of different coaches and mentors in different programs. I’m in just to help build platform and help, you know, podcasts and publish and writing and all these sorts of things. And one of the trainings I started going through, I was like, okay, great. So I’m starting to watch this. It’s about content and I’m taking notes and I’m about quarter or a way through this thing. And I realized like, it already says, you know, you know, when you’re going through online training, it says, mark complete what it says it’s already completed. And I thought, man, that’s odd. Why would that be completed? Well we’re getting through it. I’m taking notes, getting through it, taking notes. And it’s kind of sounding a little bit familiar and I thought, wow, this is interesting.


And so, but why would it be completed? So I download a file. I see that I had already downloaded the file. The computer shows me it was duplicate. So I go and find out I did some search, find this, I found my notes. I had already taken this training two years ago, two years ago, I had taken this same class, the same section of this class. And here’s, what’s even more interesting. I found my notes and the notes that I took here now it was the same notes. The, the exact same points were highlighted to me, the exact same thing, stuck out the exact same things. I noted, I bolded, I hot. It was, it was incredible. It was, I mean, I just was kind of shocked. And so what does that tell me? It’s time to stop researching. It’s time to stop analyzing it’s time to stop.


It’s time to take action. It’s time to take action. It’s time to use what you know. And so that’s my question for you is where are you? Where are you overthinking things? Where are you? You’ve got enough information to take a next step. You’ve got enough information to take an action. You know, if, if we’ve got a boat and it’s sitting at the dock and we’re trying to steer it and have the perfect navigation, it’s not going to happen at the dock, you got to leave, you got to leave the dock and then you can steer a navigate based on what comes up. Now, of course, there’s planning that we need to do, and we need to get that out there, but there’s only, so there’s a, there’s an upper limit to what you can do before you leave the dock. And once you reach that, you’re not making improvements.


You’re just delaying and not taking action. And without a lot more detail, this is just something that God has really spoken to me to where, you know, I love researching. I love getting information. I love getting more knowledge. I love just learning and I can, but there’s a purpose behind it. And I need to be taking action with what I already know. And so my question for you is what area of your life, what is it in your work? Is it in your marriage? Is it with your kids? Is it with your money? Is it with your, you know, you’re trying to get this perfect system trying to get his perfect thing, figured out even like a morning routine, I’m sitting here trying to come up with this perfect morning routine for weeks. And, and then it’s like, just do it, pick something, do it, anything will work.


It’s fine. And then you adjust as you go. And it just sounds so silly, but what are you putting off? What are, where are you not taking action, where you just need to take a fast action, some small thing to get it moving and get into action, and then you can get into momentum and then it can unfold from there, what you need to do and course correct and adjust. So a pretty simple message this week, but one that is profound because it literally, I mean, even just that one thing that came up with me for that class and I took, and I took again it, it, I kind of made me take a look at some other areas where it’s just like, man, I’ve got a kind of indecision or inaction in all these different areas where I’ve got plenty of information to make a decision and to take an action, or maybe I’ve made the decision.


I just haven’t taken the action, whatever it is, all of these different areas. And you’ve got the information you need. And so just take the action and trust God to move forward and to reveal what’s next for you. And that’s a lot of the way, if you just think about this, walk with Christ that we’re doing is God gives us enough to take a step. His word is a light to our, a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. You know, it doesn’t mean we see the end of the path. We see where it’s going. Now we may know what God has for us on the other side, but we don’t know a lot of what’s in between. And honestly, if you’re honest with yourself that there may be some things that, that we might say no to, if we knew what was in between there, but it’s the holy spirit that’s guiding us.


That gets us to take that step so that we can step out and just trust him. That’s what faith is. It’s trusting and relying on God. That’s what the Greek word pistis means. And it’s trusting and relying on God. And that’s what we do, but we gotta take a step. And that’s what we mean by take a step of faith. And we’re not talking about a leap of faith, like a blind faith. Like this is just doesn’t make sense why you would have this. No, we have a faith, a God who is faithful. And, and he has revealed himself to us through his word. And so in hand the way, his ways, and we want to try and help you understand his ways with this podcast. And so what is it? What is it today? What’s on your mind, what’s on your heart that you need to take an action, commit to do that today.

(07:35): OUTRO

Set a deadline and think about the areas of your life, where you’ve got enough information. You just need to take the action and course correct as you go. So let me know what’s on your mind. What’s going to be that action that you’re going to take and make sure you jump on it while the iron’s hot. Well, that will do it for this episode. If you got your phone, get it out, create a new text message and send a text to 3, 3, 7, 7, 7, just text the words, faith at work. I’m going to send you a free resource in ebook, free, download through email. That’s going to help you get more intentional about your faith. All right, God bless you. And we’ll see you in the next episode.


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